Thursday, April 2, 2009

last days in mumbai

we are coming to the end of our trip, here in india...we're in mumbai was a relaxing day....i went to the beauty shop to get my nails done, they didn't have an appointment..but, they did have time for a head massage and foot i got! the guy doing my head first put oil (i've had more oil on my head) on it and then started massaging..he did that for about 20 min...then went to my neck, shoulders, arms and was fantastic...the foot guy was a great foot massage...then they washed my hair, more massage, then blew it relaxing...we then went shopping...ok, it was sooooooo hot...and muggy...and the 'cool cab'? wasn't so cool...the air doesn't work if the cab isn't it was steaming inside...we were, he dropped us off and we went down the streets looking for stuff...kathy got attacked by a zillion guys selling placemats...russ was hit with the sunglasses's crazy...crossing the street is taking your life in your hands..but, we're old pros now...we were so hot...i mean, literally we went back to the hotel to the pool...tonight steve wanted to take us to a fish restaurant that he has been was down this little crummy street...the restuarant was great though..the pictures are amazing of what we had..after steve ordered, they brought the live crabs out, the shrimp, so we could see that they were fresh....we had this kingfish to start...delicious..then, they brought these huge, and i mean huge shrimp...with the tails and heads on of was like eating a huge steak..then, we had crab...they put bibs on us..then, when i wasn't getting enough meat out...the guy did it for me...they sort of hovered making sure we were ok and eating it was was a fun place to tomorrow is our last day here..the fryers might be here another 2 weeks...and we're off to thailand...


  1. Great food shots, Jolyn--everything you ate was HUGE! I just love shrimp, but only if it stays under 3 inches, I think.

  2. Sounds like a great adventure! Continue having fun and be safe.


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