Tuesday, March 31, 2009


the drive to delhi, which was yesterday, was not so bad..the road was much better than the road to agra...it took about 5 hours though...we stopped to see the agra fort before we left..a beautiful place...as we drove, we of course saw many interesting things...the fair grounds, houses that aren't quite houses...we saw a huge mosque...we also saw a semi-truck that was full of people, i'd say at least 140...they were crammed inside, and outside on the top...they saw us taking pictures and started waving..our driver said it was probably a village of people traveling to various temples..then we drove into delhi...it turned out to be a pretty normal city...of course, there are those parts that look pretty bad, but on the whole, it has some very pretty buildings, parks, nice streets..i was amazed..especially after what we've seen...our hotel is the imperial hotel, it was built in 1930...it was delhi's first hotel..very lovely old, restored hotel...in the english part of the city...we had dinner at this fun restraunt last night that was called the spice room and it was decorated so cute..like a spice bazaar...today we went on a tour of the city...our guide wasn't really in to it..so it was sort of funny...he would tell us about things, but, then say..it's history, but not historical...so i guess that would mean not that interesting...so, our 6 hour tour was about 2 and 1/2 ...we did see the mosque..that was cool..we had to wear these kimono things and go barefoot...we saw a building that the taj mahal was sort of copied from..it was beautiful...and then we saw where mahatma ghandi was cremate, they don't bury them, the presidential palace, the india gate etc etc...then we came back to the hotel..we laid by the pool...a favorite thing to do...later in the afternoon we walked down the street...it was fun to see all the shops...the girls would love this shopping...too bad russ doesn't...we were accosted by many beggars..always women and children or men with no legs or no feet etc...i've seen some of the worst deformities here...very sad...the bellman at the hotel warned us to not go anywhere with anyone...we'd be robbed...so we didn't...but, some guys wanted to shave russ and give us all ear cleanings...they love russ..he's so big and blond...he's been called 'big guy', my big friend, handsome..etc etc..pretty funny...it's usually the men...it's sad because you are afraid to make eye contact or smile because their hands will come out...so you have to be sort of mean...kathy always gives to the cripples...the salesmen are nonstop..they don't give up...it gets pretty annoying...you wish you could be nice..but you can't...and you can never pull your wallet out..they would attack you...it's an interesting experience...so tomorrow...back to mumbai..that beautiful city...not! but, since we've been there it will feel like home...


  1. Wow! Beautiful Taj Mahal look-alike. I can't believe all those people on the semi truck, and also 6 people on that motorcycle! It is sad you can't be nice to everybody...that's how I felt in Mexico City, too.

  2. What an amazing trip. Thanks for posting all the photos!


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