Saturday, April 24, 2010

victoria falls

today we arrived in livingstone, zambia....named after livingstone, the’s where victoria falls is...we are staying at a tented lodge about 20 min. away on the zambezi’s a beautiful river, the river that goes over the falls, so we’re on the backside of the falls...our room looks out over the’s cool...made of tent fabric...but the walls are solid, nothing can get in through them...bedroom in front, bathroom with outdoor shower, then a bedroom in the a front deck...after which we had a snack of beef pita...the pita was homemade and cooked in their pizza oven (k.f. that’s for you), we went on a boat cruise up the i’s beautiful..on one side is zambia and the other is zimbabwe...we saw a crocodile sitting there, hippos in the water...birds of course, i guess they have great fishing, we saw about 8 elephants down at the water...antelope...alot of you go up the river you can see in the distance a cloud, but, it’s not a cloud, it’s water from the amazing...tomorrow we’ll go see them...on the way back from the cruise it started drizzling...not too bad...they had drinks set up on the banks of the river...right as we got back to the lodge the skies opened! it was a huge drenching storm with major lightening and thunder...we seem to be bringing it with rained and rained for about 45 min...the lights went out, luckily they have a generator...dinner was served...there are only about 8 guests here, so we all sat together along with the was delicious...and fun to talk to the others...a girl traveling on her own from the phillipines and a couple from, it’s been a great day...only thing is...the internet connection was lost in the storm!

today is friday and we had a busy day...the morning started off with another HUGE much water...unreal...finally it stopped enough so we could leave...the roads here are all dirt, they were really flooded...i can’t believe we got we headed towards victoria falls spans the gorge between zambia and zimbabwie...the kids got up the nerve to do the activites there...they first went on a tandem swing out across the gorge, then they went bungee jumping...i was proud of both of them...they are both afraid of heights and this was about 365 was a LONG way down! first russ went, he did great...bounced and bobbed all around..came up with a smile on his face...then, kerry went...she screamed the whole time...i was actually surprised she jumped off...but she did great..says never again! after that we drove over to the falls...the victoria falls are the 2nd in the world...the widest in the world...they have this spray of water that you can see from miles looks like a huge we walked down to the river above the falls...that’s the great thing about a country like rules, no barriers etc...we could have jumped in and dove over...then we walked down to the front of the! it’s amazing..we had a double layer of ponchos on...our guide said we would get wet...and was he right! we would have been soaked..there was so much water floating around..that spray from the water was like a major rainstorm...we saw the falls from different angles..our guide told us that right now there is so much water that you can’t see the falls in need to come in oct. when the river is’s amazing to see...we came back to the hotel for lunch, then about an hour later went out for an afternoon game drive...i think our first lodge, tintswalo, ruined us...there was some cool animals...crocs, hippo, giraffe, storks etc...but, i felt like we were on a bus the other lodge i felt like we were hunting them was nice though...we have been together with 3 other guests (a couple from switzerland and a girl from the phillipines), they are very nice, fun to talk, tomorrow we got to botswana to another lodge...we’ll see how that goes!

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  1. it all sounds amazing. can't believe Kerry jumped!

  2. I could not have stood up there, let alone jump off. You are all so daring!

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