Saturday, April 24, 2010


today is saturday the 24th...we woke up early and drove to the border of zambia, it’s on the’s a border that has 4 countries...zambia, botswana, zimbabwe and namibia, we then got on a little speed boat to go across the river to that border, after showing our passports, we had to step on some muddy step and step’s to check for hoof and mouth disease? couldn’t quite understand that...we then drove to the airport, where we got into a little 6 seater plane with a pilot that looked younger than kerry and he flew us to our lodge...the khwai river’s on the river delta...a tented lodge again..but, they are all a bit different...we layed out for awhile...the first real sunny day we’ve had....all got burned...then this afternoon went out on a game drive...sort of slow though...we didn’t see many animals...hope it picks up tomorrow...we did see a ton of impalas...they have a marking on their rears that looks like an ‘m’, they saw that impalas are the lions ‘mcdonalds’...saw wart hogs, a huge old elephant that looked like he wanted to charge us as he walked toward us...a hopefully tomorrow we’ll see alot more...

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