Friday, April 16, 2010

day at the cape

i made 3 different collages break up what we was a real busy day..but first, guess we we're really lucky that we left london on wednesday night because thursday morning the airport was closed because the icelandic volcanoe that went we're happy we made it we went to a little fishing town...we then got on a ferry boat that took us to see the seals on seal was fun to see them laying around...when we got back there was a big seal on a boat, i guess the fisherman has fed him for 27 years and the seal just hangs out there...a nice life for him...then we went to table mountain and took the cable car to the top...that was fun, the cable car turned as we went up, giving us 360 degree view...up on top, i thought it would be flat, because it looks flat from far away...but, it isn''s got alot of vegetation, rocks etc...very pretty and beautiful views...we saw a rock rabbit that has scary teeth..looks more like a gopher, but our guide said it is closely related to elephants! weird...afterwards, we drove down the cape to a penguin reserve, we saw the little penguins laying in the sand, waddling to the water...afterwards we drove to the cape of good hope...that is the farthest point south in africa!!! it's where all the boats go around and there are many sunken ships because of the churning is also where the indian ocean and atlantic ocean meet, the warm waters colliding with the cold causes the waters to be really was really we drove back we saw a family of baboons...they live in that area, guess they will come after you if you have food and don't give it to we stayed away! so a very fun day, seeing the animals in and about capetown...our guide keeps talking about the world cup which will be starting soon, we saw the stadium where they'll play here..they'll also play in other cities...he says how crazy it will be...glad we're missing it...he says all the roads will be a parking lot...this is a beautiful city, very clean, the people remind me of australians...sort of laid back and really nice...a fun day....
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  1. much pretty blue! Looks like you all are having a great time together! Yah, the rock rabbit looks very scary. Give me a gopher any day, much cuter. An elephant? ummmmmmm


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