Thursday, April 1, 2010

sir paul

tonight was a fantastic night.i saw my crush of many, many years...russ and kristen, larene and i went to see paul mccartney...kelly and jeff were supposed to go, but charlie was sick and fell and cut her they had to stay home :( sorry was wonderful...he played for almost 3 hours after song...oldies, new ones...great songs...he told how he wrote certain songs and was really entertaining...watching him was the greatest...watching the people around us made it that much more fun...the guy in front that thought he was in the band...the guy that brought his music was fun...a really great's amazing to think that he's been playing since i was in 2nd times.....thanks, paul.....


  1. wow..sounds like a awesome night!! can't wait to see you!! when do you come in by the way?

  2. I am totally jealous of you and your boyfriend. would love to hear him someday. I am going to hear my boyfriend James (Taylor) this summer, although he's bringing another woman along- Carole King. Guess i'll put up with her.

  3. Is this an April Fool's? You truly saw Paul McCartney? What fun!!


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