Wednesday, April 21, 2010

sunday and monday at tintswalo

sunday afternoon
monday morning
russell's 'guest'

these posts were written over a few internet to speak, it's pretty long...

what a day we had’s sunday the 18th...i’m writing this and then will have to post it tomorrow...we have no internet in our rooms...guess we’re roughing it!!! haha...not at all....anyway, we left capetown at 10 am and flew to neuspirit...we were met at the baggage and then we got on a small little plane...a 4 seater! it was our first light aircraft flight...we flew up and over the the hills and mountains..then, it got flatter...a few paved roads, mostly dirt roads...after about 1/2 hour, we landed on a dirt runway...we were met by the people from tintswalo lodge, we got in the land cruiser after having a drink of juice and drove to the lodge.on the way we saw a few water buffalo..we are staying in this beautiful’s got 2 bedrooms, living and kitchen, outdoor deck with a plunge pool...thatch roof and stone walls.outside it’s all bush, there’s an electric sort of fence to keep elephants out of our area!’s really nice...we’re sort of off from the main lodge, we haven’t seen it yet...and that’s where the internet is...after getting settled our butler (when we told them we didn’t drink, he couldn’t believe it!)and cook (!) gave us a delicious lunch, we then had an hour to kill before our first game drive...we went out about 4pm for the afternoon game drive...i guess you go early in the morning and late we’re in a re-fitted land cruiser...sort of and indiana jones type car...there is the driver, and a spotter sits on the front..we’re in the, we drive along and first we see more water buffalo, they were wallowing in a pool of mostly mud...guess they love it...then we saw a herd impala (like antelope), we drove along and on their radio they heard about a leopard sighting, so we drove to it, down twisty dirt roads, we have to bend over to not get hit by tree branches or spider webs...we got to the area, the spotter saw a cub, we didn’t..they were making their own roads, just driving anywhere they could...unreal...we left and drove awhile, we saw some cheetas, they haven’t been in this area for a few months...gorgeous animals...then we saw a herd of elephants walking to a watering hole...then some hippos in a big pond of water..we also saw birds, rabbits,monkeys and a vulture.a bit later we stopped for a drink and treats..russ told me that he thought he was allergic to the bug spray, was having a reaction....i’m getting the idea that we mostly eat here! and it’s really great food! as we were driving back we saw a hyena, he is also not seen very we lucked out....came home to a delicious dinner served out on the deck...could very easily get used to this..more later...

it’s monday afternoon in africa...last night we had a huge lightening and thunder storm...really lit up the sky, all night long...then it started pouring really our morning game drive was postponed...about 7 am russ woke up to a new friend! we thought it was a tarantula, but they said it was a baboon was on the outside netting of his bed...looking in! lots of creepy crawlies’s one of the poisonous types that are here...great! we then got ready for our ride...for about an hour we saw nothing...driving driving...but, then we saw a water buck, looks like our deer, then we saw elephants, rhinos, giraffes, wild beasties, monkeys, zebras, hogwarts, it was really don’t see them all together, you just drive to spots and hopefully spot them...afterwards we came home to our breakfast which we eat with our guide...he’s a great guy...knows so much, really nice...then we have the afternoon to kill, so we had spa treatments...lunch...they just keep feeding you rained this afternoon, but is clearing up now...this morning we were slipping and sliding all’s really an adventure ride...more later...
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  1. Jo
    This is amazing!! I'm happy to hear how much fun you guys are having. Love the pictures. Have fun. Be safe.


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