Thursday, April 15, 2010

capetown day 1

we went around capetown's a beautiful spot..alot like california...
we saw table mountain, that's the famous flat topped mountain here, but it was too
windy for us to go up to it...we went to a famous garden and then a was
founded in the 1600's, so it's pretty old...we went to the beach's gorgeous with the mountains
off to the side...there are the mountains called 'the 12 apostles' it was blue skies, but the wind
was so strong, you could hardly stand was a fun time and tomorrow there will be alot more...
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  1. Looks amazing!! Glad you guys got there safe! Have fun.

  2. DID put some photos on the blog! This is just gorgeous. Keep them coming!

  3. looks and sounds fabulous. i love travelling the world with you guys.


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