Saturday, April 30, 2011

12 hours in london

we got up way too early for a vacation and drove to marseille to the airport...our 'tom tom' navigation could not figure out where it was, so luckily kerry was up to the challenge and got us there!!! yea, kerry! jumped on a plane and flew to london...we got to our hotel, had a delicious brunch (i'm showing the special hot chocolate glasses they had)...we then took the bus tour to show ashley london...for only having the afternoon and evening, we did pretty good...did the tour of most of the city...stopped and shopped a we were driving in the theatre district, the girls thought it would be fun to see 'the phantom of the opera' we got tickets for that....the show was of my all time favs...brings back lots of great memories...after our show, our cabbie took us around a bit...we wanted to go past buckingham palace and most of the roads were closed...but he found one that was open...he was a fun guy to talk to...those taxis guys know everything about the city...he says it takes 4 years to become one, because of all the knowledge they have to, tomorrow our great trip ends..we are very sad...and have decided to extend it! we thought no one would mind if we just went on traveling...oh, i wish!!!
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  1. Jolyn, these photos are wonderful!!!!!!! And to see the Phantom of the Opera in London...what a treat. I didn't watch the royal wedding so I'm glad you posted photos of that, too. Looks like you're seeing a lot of sun there. Excellent! :)


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