Friday, April 1, 2011

yesterday i got an early april fool's surprise....i'll tell you the story...last week my dishwasher wasn't working...on monday i called the dishwasher repair man...he said it was the outlet that the dishwasher was plugged into...yesterday, i called an electrical company and they sent over a guy...he said i needed a new outlet and decided to check the box outside...he showed me that the wires hooked into the fuses were all burned and needed to be replaced...for the price of $3000!  for that price i decided to get a second opinion....and aren't i glad that i friend sent over an electrician that was more trustworthy...he looked at the box and showed me that the wires were only burned on top...not all the way around like they should be....the first electrician had burned them himself!   can you believe that?  he had me worried that my house was going to burn down at any time..i also learned that the price of the job would be $500!  so grateful for friends i can count on and an electrician that is not trying to make a 'fool' out of me!


  1. Oh, man, I'm sure glad you asked a second electrician. Sometimes you can only wonder about people--why didn't the first guy just tell you what happened and replace the ones he burned??

    Our "April Fool's" Day was a mini snowstorm! About 3 inches yesterday, and today it's all melted. I don't mind that kind. :)

  2. he wanted to replace them, if i paid the price...he burned them on purpose...


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