Monday, April 25, 2011

easter monday in paris

today was a busy day...kerry, ashley and i walked to the louvre this morning thinking we would get in....surprise, was easter monday...i.e. holiday in paris!!! the line was really back to our hotel we went...we picked up kelly and went to the eiffel tower where we had lunch at the jules verne was so fun to eat in the is a great restaurant..pretty fancy..they had set the table with teeny tiny forks and spoons, which were never used...guess we didn't order correctly!....the food was delicious...afterward we went out to look at the was a gorgeous view.....from lunch we hopped on the red bus tour which took us around paris...we stopped back at the louvre, but, this time had prepaid tickets and walked right in....yea!!! we saw the mona lisa, venus di milo, winged victory....etc.etc...but it was really crowded so we left and went to notre dame cathedral...that's fantastic to see...from notre dame we went to the sacre couer cathedral...i've never been there before because it's a bit out of's on a hill looking over paris...gorgeous!!! walked around a bit, found a taxi to take us to moulin rouge...that was disappointing...not what we were looking after seeing that we headed home...a long but great day!!!
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  1. I love seeing all of your pictures! Looks like such a fun trip, and the perfect place to take a spring break trip!

  2. thanks for taking us ladies ma, it's been so much fun!


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