Sunday, April 10, 2011

me, myself and i

how many times do you say the word I, me, my mine etc?  we are all self absorbed...we are doing what we have or want to's our lives so that's how it's my wedding, my trip, my day, my, my, my,...i'm not writing to's cause i'm on that path...i need to stop and smell the roses..
we need to look into other's lives...think of someone elses blog, talk about someone else...ask how a friend is doing instead of immediately talking about aware of the aware of your daughters accomplishments...of your son's worries at work, of your friends dreams....think of service for others...get out of yourself...or myself as the case maybe...but, i've gotta go...i have to go spend time on me!!!


  1. Love this post! Everything you said rings so true! Tks for the funny reminder to get me thinking of others.

  2. So so true. I promise I will try and be better. :)

  3. Jolyn!
    Thanks for the Laugh out Loud moment: "Please don't interrupt me when I'm talking to myself" pin!

    Ireland. Fantastic. I have family who came from that part of the world! Awesome photos--thanks for posting and keep them coming! :)


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