Wednesday, April 20, 2011

touring amsterdam

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today kerry and i went to the airport and picked ashley up to complete our little group..we didn't give her much down time, but took off to explore the city as soon as we got back...she was a great sport..even though i'm sure she was exhausted from the we walked down and caught a boat to central station so we could take the boats around the city...afterwards we rode the boat to the anne frank house...that was an amazing thing to imagine them living for 2 years in that house...unbelievable! strong people...we then walked and walked and walked and ended up at the riiksmuseum...that is a fantastic place with rembrandts and other famous artists...afterwards we took the tram back to the city center where we walked in the famous 'red light' district...during the day it's not bad...we saw china town...and then found a little fair with a huge ferris wheel and other rides...kerry and ashley went on the swing ride, kelly, krisen and i went on the ferris wheel which was fun...unless you're kristen and afraid of heights...the view was amazing...we had a great dinner at an argentinian restaurant...had a crepe at the fair for dessert...came home exhausted!!!

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  1. Looks so much fun!! Happy you guys are having a great time.


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