Sunday, April 24, 2011

brugge easter

we're back to our story: on saturday and sunday we were in's such a beautiful little city...we went for a boat ride on the canals...they call it the little venice of the north...the weather was summertime...we walked around the city, did a little shopping...bought delicious chocolates..belgian, of course!! we went on a little carriage ride, we saw different parts of the city this was so interesting...a few facts of note...the city tax collector used to tax the people on the number of windows in their houses...the more windows the richer you were...some of the houses had a window, then a window boarded up....that wouldn't be counted...there is a convent still operating that opened in the 1500's...the clock tower rang it's bells last night and pretty much all day long today for easter...there are 21 churches in town...20 of them catholic and 1 protestant! now we're on the train to's kristen's last night...tomorrow we'll have to say goodbye to her....:(
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  1. Looks awesome!! Love the pictures..can't wait to see more of the trip.


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