Wednesday, April 27, 2011


today we said goodbye to kelly :( and boarded the train for aix-en-provence...or southern france...a beautiful ride in the countryside...when we got into the station...we had a bit of a problem finding the rental cars..they moved them and left no messages about where...but, we did finally find our little car...we drove to our beautiful little's an old villa and so pretty and so french! while waiting for our room to be ready we had a little french lunch of an omelette and 'french'! our room is so walk into a little living area with a terrace outside, then walk downstairs to the bedroom that also has a terrace...we walked down the hill to's a cute little town, tiny little streets...just very quaint...a bit of shopping (i found the famous macaroon cookies we were looking for in paris, was going to bring them home but they need to be you can look and i'll eat them), dinner and back to the hotel...tomorrow we'll go exploring!
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