Friday, April 22, 2011


on thursday we go up early and went to the van gogh museum, that was fantastic to see his amazing paintings...then went to the trainstation and jumped on a train to keukenhof to see the beautiful tulips...the flowers are so wonderful to see...keukenhof is a huge garden that is only open from end of march until end of may when all the flowers are in bloom...i never knew how many varieties of tulips there are! everone of them gorgeous....we took the train and then a bus to get there...out in the dutch countryside..after we walked around the gardens we rented bikes and went for a little ride in the country...that was really fun...i haven’t ridden a bike for a long time...luckily i haven’t forgotten how...while riding we saw the beautiful fields of many was quite a site...took the bus, train, taxi back to our hotel...we were exhausted and spent a quiet night in the hotel....friday onto bruges which is in belgium!

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