Friday, April 29, 2011

country drive to gordes

gordes....what a gorgeous place!!!

the girls playing while I figured out where we were going!
roussillon and the drive back to aix

today we had a wonderful last day in france....we did a bit of shopping down the street from our hotel, then watched the royal wedding....and then took a fantastic drive...we drove up to the village of gordes which is in the luberon part of provence....what a fantastic view......we could hardly believe the view as we drove up the mountain...the village is high on the hill and overlooks the fields of lavendar (they aren't yet in bloom) but i'm sure it's amazing when they are....we walked around the little village, had lunch, shopped around....then, i wanted to go to roussillon but was having a hard time figuring it out with the 'tom tom' navigation....that's when kerry and ashley were bored in the car....finally i gave up and told kerry to be the in the first few turns we were lost...and all she did was laugh! finally we got on the right was only about 15 miles...but, in that time period a wild rainstorm hit was lightening and thundering, then it started hailing! it was wild...there was fog...all sorts of craziness....we got to glad we made the effort!!! it was amazing...the dirt there is ochre (red) alot of the buildings are that color...then we took a nice drive back to many of the little villages made us gasp in delight!!! our favorite day a wonderful way to end our time in france!!

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