Wednesday, April 11, 2007


so, today was my big 50! wow...i have made it...i'm an adult....oh, ok, i guess you would all say i'm an ollllld adult...but, it's all in the mind and i think i'll just stay young at heart until i get alzheimers, then i will forget there! anyway...thanks so much for the fun and the great birthday wishes...kelly got everyone to write and made me a wonderful book, she even had special writings from those that have left is wonderful to read and look at the pictures...i'm with all of my kids which is the best present ever...i think i went from one meal to the next on this that was fun, let me just say thank you. it was a great way to start off a new the next 10 years are a nice as the first day......

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  1. This is the year you get to start sleeping with Ben Gay and Arthur Itis. You'll discover eyebrows growing out of your chin, and your grandson will say "Do you have tattoos?" when looking at your age spotted hands. I think eating away the first day was a great beginning to your new decade.


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