Tuesday, April 17, 2007

polly's day

dearest pod, happy happy birthday! a week after mine, we always shared that fun thing...i hope your day is fantastic. i hope your year is wonderful! you are the best sister i could ask for...you have always been there for me...since we shared a room from the beginning of my life...you have always made my life a little better...in between torture times! when we were kids we played your fun little games...you read me stories from the fairytale book, you didn't let me play with you and toni, though...i always wanted to be with you...as i got older, you let me borrow your darling clothes, if i cleaned your room, and it was worth it! sometimes i snuck them, one time i did that, and kathy fryer had to have a skirt for a field trip, so we changed clothes, i was sooo worried that something would happen to that skirt! when i was married you have always been a listening ear...you still took care of me when tom was sick...you would come down and watch my kids for a week at a time so i could be at the hospital...that was the greatest service anyone could do...i knew my kids would be happy, so i could concentrate on tom...i have always been so lucky to have such a great family..and you have shown that to me in many different ways...you have changed my life, shaped it, made it happier and much more fun...so, just remember that you have my george bailey award (read marty's blog), you have made a huge difference in my life....happy birthday...love you always...jo

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  1. Thanks for the Happy Birthday..but I loved the picture of Grama most of all. Who has that blown up picture? We used it at her funeral. I'd like to find it and make copies, big ones!


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