Sunday, April 29, 2007


the last few days have been crazy as i get ready for the tom mullin memorial golf tournament...besides regular life, in which i think everything had to happen this week...crazyness with the trophies which come from ireland...they were stuck in customs for 3 weeks...and the night that i was yelling at the delivery company because they kept messing everything up...i think my blood pressure went overboard that buying food and raffle gifts, to just trying to get things right...without the great help of friends and family, and especially karen who is the greatest person might come off again this year....this is the 8th year we have done's a great time to remember tom, what he was about, the fun guy he was...having fun, doing what he loved most..and raising some money for the john wayne cancer institute...they kept him alive for 5 and 1/2 years...5 years longer than they said he, i really appreciate all they ever did for it will be great day on monday...wish us luck....

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  1. Good luck tomorrow Jolyn. You work so hard on this every year. It boggles my mind to think you put on a charity event in southern California. What a huge endeavor! I know you stress out about it but every year it gets better. You go girl! I sure miss everyone, but love looking at you and Kelly's blog every day! That Kelly is a neat girl. LOVE her blog. Tell her she should enter her blog on the "affair" to a magazine.I loved it.


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