Thursday, April 19, 2007

a pain in the brain

so, i've been very frustrated for the last few days...i hate it when things break, don't work, it's hard to fix..can't find what you need etc...the night before we went to hawaii, we had big power outage...for about 3 hours...that was a pain in itself, since i was packing at the time....get out the flashlights! when i got home, i went to turn on my tv to catch up on all my shows...and behold! the tivo wasn't working...something must have happened during the outage is all i can, i call and try to get them to help, they say to just unplug it for 30 seconds....that doesn't work..we try unplugging various different such luck, then we change the electrical such must be dead, they say i'm out of luck.....then i try finding the type of tivo i such luck...what a pain...i finally found one...putting it together is a should be easy, but you have to move the with all the cords, the cabinet etc....finally it works! yippee! then i start thinking of my last week when the most i had to think about was what to eat for dinner....hmmmmmm.....why don't vacations last longer?

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  1. If a vacation lasted too long, it would turn into life. Then the power would go out and you'd wish you could go home, but you'd be home and there would be nothing to look forward to because you'd already be on vacation.


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