Sunday, April 1, 2007

happy anniversary mom and dad

April Fool's Day! in our family it always meant more than just a trick or was mom and dad's anniversary...i do believe it's their 61st anniversary today...i heard that a ty, russ, whit and benj and jp are celebrating at cafe was dad's fav...i just hope they make it out of there alive! we can all remember them in our own special ways...they were the best parents anyone could was always more strict as we grew up, i knew i could always go to dad for a "yes"...but, he took care of her...if we ever did something to make mom would come after us! i loved watching all of the basketball games and softball games that he coached...i remember dad always joking...saying he was asking who wanted to go on a trip..but, it was always at 3 in the morning...working at dad's office...him making me vacuum over, and over...singing to his piano...i loved hearing him was the best mom...after i got married she was my best friend...i could always count on her to be there...if not physically,, it's spiritually, i guess...she was a wonderful seamstress...always working on a dress or something...she had great taste...her houses were all beautiful...she was creative,fun and a good sport...she would golf with dad, go to his games...she was a wonderful support to him....when she died, i think dad died also..we always thought that dad was the great motivator...but, it was mom that gave him the umphh to do everything he ever did...he was so lost after she died...i think he tried but it was really hard for, it's great that they are celebrating this wonderful day, the day our family started...together...i guess a few others are tom, their parents...etc., lets' give a big hug and a kiss to mom and dad...


  1. Happy Anniversary Grama and Gramps. We did celebrate in style last night. We all got smothered burritos in honor of our grandparents. What a couple they were and a great example of what love truly is.

  2. i love these photos. i don't remember ever seeing the top one. i adore it. i'm happy you have posted about the sweetest couple.

    happy anniversary. they were always fools in love.

  3. they are probably laughing down from heaven at all the little fools they left behind! I miss them so much...I can't wait to see them again!!


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