Saturday, July 28, 2007

ahhh paris!!

inside notre dame
notre dame
whit in paris
on ferris wheel
eiffel tower
biggest cotton candy

merci, oui oui..these are the words we are hearing we saw paris...what a beautiful city...we went to the louvre...i think we went in circles trying to find the egyptian mummies...russ wanted to see those...everyone we asked said something different...we finally gave up...but, we saw some wonderful things..we saw alot of greek statues that were taken from greece.the guide in greece had mentioned they were taken.....then we went on the ferris wheel and saw the beautiful view of the city from above..russ got the biggest cotton candy i've ever seen...then went to notre dame, that's a beautiful cathedral...wandered along the banks of the seine, took a little boat ride home...our feet were aching...then, did a walk down the champs des elysees...lots of wonderful stores to see...tomorrow is the final of the tour de's right outside our door, so hopefully we can catch some of it..we started off in istanbul which is called "paris of the east" and have ended up in paris...what a fun time and great experience!


  1. my kids are in here with me and totally coveting russell's cotton candy!

  2. Cute pic of Kelly and Gavin. Are his hands clenched with happiness?


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