Thursday, July 12, 2007

turkish baths

kel and owen at blue mosque
kerry at grand bazaar
blue mosque
hotel grounds..used to be a palace
russ and me in sophia hagia..door points towards mecca

so, just to let you know..this blogging is sort of hard over here, because everthing is in turkish, i think..actually i made a new blog when i thought i was just signing in.... all the, im just glad i made it to the posting, i left you when i went to have a turkish! that was an experience...lets just say that every single inch was scrubbed and cleaned and skin felt like it was coming off!!! no more least i was alone..kerry and whit were together... quite an experience....but, when you're in we saw the sultans palace..beautiful jewels, swords etc..the we saw this amazing aqueduct system that was built in the 6th century a.d. and had these colums from all over the world...and amazing bit of history......anyway, here are some pictures of our trip so the way...did you know that turquoise means turkish blue?


  1. Turquoise...what a great bit of trivia! I don't know why, but I pictured Turkey in black and white. It looks so colorful!

  2. have you had turkish delight yet? what is it?

  3. turkish delight is a candy that has honey,usually nuts, sometimes has a gelatin, different things...they say it's the aphorodisiac of the sultan


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