Sunday, July 15, 2007

travelin' round turkey

soldier's post
at the rug factory, owen with ladies
kerry at caves
kerry making pottery
today was jeff's birthday...happy birthday! as i listen to the lovely night music that comes on every night..calling the people to prayer...i'll tell you about our day.... we had a fun time....went on a tour of cappadocia...we saw the underground city...full of tunnels, caves, churches in caves etc...they have been living in them since about 100 a.d.

they stopped living in caves in about 1950s...very cool...they have caves that are churches...painted inside like a church...then we saw stones called fairy chimneys or mushrooms...amazing how nature has made beautiful...we went to a pottery factory and saw how they make to try it ourselves...went to a rug market..saw how they weave rugs...make silk..amazing...we ate alot of good turkish food...very fun's an amazing area...

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  1. aunt jo!! thanks for taking the time to post these amazing photos! it is so fun to be there vicariously through your blog.

    honestly, it looks so incredible. what a neat place to visit. you seem to be making the most of it and i love how you are enjoying the local crafteries. be safe and have fun!



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