Saturday, July 7, 2007

favorite person

jo and kathy in our younger days
kathy and taryn at craig's wedding
mullin's and fryer's in melbourn
fryers and mullins at homestead

so, i was told by my one of my closest friends that i must not like her because she isn't on my list of "favorite people" on my blog...i tried to explain to her that they are links to other blogs....but, i don't think she, i will blog about her instead....i've known kathy for a million years...ok, maybe only since we were 8...but, when you're our age...that can seem like a million years ago,....she was always my best buddy...we didn't always do everything together, but we knew we were there for each matter where we have lived we've stayed in touch one way or the other...i moved away first and then she moved....and moved and moved...she and steve have lived in utah, chicago, conneticut, chicago, australia, new york, australia and back to utah...and where else in the future? with them you never know...while i have only lived in the same house...but, in all those different places i could call kathy and know she was there to listen to my rants and raves.i loved it when she was in australia because i could call her so late and she would be up..we have a fun time together..we have gone on many trips together...we met in boston, in washington d.c, in australia,in california, we tried to meet in tahiti and our family was a no show, we met in mexico...some really fun times....our kids love to be together..we've had very funny experiences together and we laugh alot .kathy is very smart...very crafty...she loves to get things done..she walks fast...i walk slow...she loves to help others....she's very funny...i'm lucky to have such a wonderful friend....the only thing wrong is that she doesn't blog!!!

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