Thursday, July 5, 2007


tom and kerry in arizona
tom, jo, kel and willie at christmas
kids with tom at the hospital
kids and tom
russ , tom and willie in catalina

today is the day that we remember tom's death and tomorrow is the day that we celebrate his's usually a hard few days...the 4th was tom's favorite holiday after christmas...he loved getting together with friends and family...loved to watch the, 8 years ago, he passed was a hard(probably the hardest thing i've ever done) but a sweet time...thanks mostly to bev,my friend who is a nurse and really took care of us that's been a long 8 years...but, it's also just flown kids have grown and changed so...kerry was just 9 and now she's a beautiful 17, almost 18...we have babies, in laws, college students, graduates...a life time has happened in the last 8 years....tomorrow, tom would be 51....maybe he would have gray hair...instead he still looks forever young...that's not too fair...i'm aging rather happy birthday dear're always my honey....hope you're watching us and cheering us on...i love you...


  1. I should have read this post before I commented on the previous one. Tom sounds like an amazing man. I'm so sorry for your loss. Thanks for sharing your beautiful and personal moments. It truely warmed my heart and made me count my blessings (once again).

  2. Hope your day is a good one. Tom was a wonderful man, didn't know him that well but loved that he loved my Nealster in the nursery...his favorite calling ever!

  3. Jo- thanks for posting those photos. Our family met you and the kids just 6 years ago. What we gather of Tom is that he was great to be around and had a mischeivous side! A fun legacy-dont you think?

  4. surely, he is looking down with his bright white smile at your family. i love you jo. have a fun trip!

  5. I remember his great laugh and how TALL he always seemed! He's probably got lots more grandkids up there for them tennis lessons or something! We'll be thinking of you guys this week...


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