Friday, July 20, 2007

the blues of santorini

ker, whit and rus at red beach
russ and jeff on scooter
kids in oia
oia at sunset
russ at red beach

now, this is the greece i was dreaming of....santorini is's not all lush, like's actually sort of dry with cacutus and boganvilla like california...but, it's got the added greek houses and churches...all in white with blue doors or windows...i love it.our hotel is set among vineyards and the view is so pretty...each room is a different color...kerry and whit's is bright, bright yellow...did i say bright? kelly and jeffs is turquoise mine is actually just off white..lucky me.....the people are very friendly...last night we went to oia which is pronounce's a beautiful town hanging off the cliffs, known for it's gorgeous sunset...that was fun to we rented a little car and 2 scooters...we drove around the island...went to the red beach which after a bit of a hike you get to this beach which has black and red rocky sand...very cool...that was fun...there was a fruit stand there and this cute old man was selling the best fruit ever...then we drove to kamaris which after getting a bit lost and driving to the highest point on the island which has a wonderful view...we wandered that town, had lunch's just so nice and so different...this is my kind of place...they have fun jewelry...lots of gold to look at...the people are all really lady at a shop in our hotel fell in love with whit and kerry...she was so nice...we are good friends now...she loved the babies...anyway...more later....


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