Thursday, July 26, 2007


view from our room
island in front of hotel, used to be a leper colony
jeff and owen..pretty in pink
scenery of crete
we have been in crete for the last few's been relaxing because it's been really really hot, they are having a heat wave, and so we didn't do much besides lay out...the hotel is really nice...the kids had the flu also, so we took it we all had spa treatments...russ had a balinese massage that was with the masseuses feet! he said it was wierd..then we went on a boat tour of the area..that was's fun to see the island from a different perspective...then we girls went back to the spa, they have this fun pool with all these different jets that relax you or whatever...first you float in this salt water pool...then there are the jets for your feet, you are standing and the jets can actually lift you off the ground...then you sit and jets hit your back legs, then there is a shower jet, that about killed whit, it's really hard on your head and shoulders...then there is this whirlpool jet, a lazy river one, then a hot was pretty fun to tomorrow, off to our last stop of paris...oh, we've learned that cretan olive oil is the best and they use it for food, bodies, faces everything...


  1. I LOVE reading about your wild adventures over there! I can't help wondering...with all these great experiences--what sort of souvenirs do you choose to come back home? I know I'd grab that Cretan Olive Oil. Never heard of it, cuz Rachel Ray hasnt mentioned it yet. hee hee

  2. I, too, love reading about all your adventures abroad. So, so fun. And what great pictures you've gotten!


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