Monday, July 16, 2007

whirling whirling

whirling dervishes

today was another interesting day...we started off with horseback usual on a ride like this you just walk....but, we had the added fun of crazy least russ and i did...russ kept saying his had tourettes...they were very spritied i'll tell you..maybe it was the 100's of flies that were flying was crazy i'll tell you...then, our guides lit up marlboro's...oh, another thing....the girls had to wear helmets..not russ...guess they thought he could we're walking along...with smoke and flies...when one of them asks "who wants to go swimming" i said...i we go into the river...that was actually the best part...until whit's horse started splashing everyone else like a 2 year old.....then, kerry got to go running...i was afraid if my horse galloped, i would be gone with the wind...afterwards we had lunch..have i said how nice all the people are? they are very the babies...always want to take owen..tried to get kelly to leave owen and go on the horses...tonight we went to see the whirling dervishes...that was very's a form of religion, islam, here...they whirl into a meditative all means was interesting and very tomorrow we leave the "land of beautiful horses" (that what cappadocia means) and fly to ancient greece....

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  1. i'm so glad you're taking the time to blog all this for us. i don't know if i'll get to it's really cool to see it alongside you guys!


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