Monday, July 30, 2007

where else but euro disney

outside euro disney
at pirate's of carribean
by it's a small world
cinderella's castle
after many museums and beauties of paris...we decided to go to euro disney....kerry has been trying to get there since the first time we came to's about 45 min. train ride from off we went while the rest of the family watched the end of the tour de france...euro disney is the same yet different from our disneyland...the rides are tweaked a bit..some better, some worse...the haunted house..or phantom manor as they call it, is a bit more creepy...indiana jones is a roller has a height limit of about 5 feet! thunder mountain is set on a mountain has an upside down was fun to go, but we think ours at home is's bigger...more rides...cleaner and better run...but, it was fun to check it out...and another one off of kerry's list...she's wants to go to all disney parks in the we're off on our last day of our trip...better get it all in!


thanks for making my day with your thoughts...