Wednesday, July 18, 2007

hot, hot, hot

russ, kerry and whit at temple of zeus
ker and russ at parthenon
gav hiding on the steps of acropolis
from our hotel
another view
so, today was one of those least the first half....not to complain on this wonderful trip....but.....we set up a tour for 10 am...get down to the lobby..wait, wait, talk to concierge, 10:20 they say, your bus is outside...when we got on the bus, he had been waiting for a half an hour...what's with this hotel? then, we find out, they only ordered a driver. no guide...well, he was nice enough to give us a little tour...usually these drivers don't speak english, so we were lucky..he took us to the acropolis and we get out...after buying our tickets with the thousands others, we find a tour guide there...she was very good and very nice, told interesting stories of was really, hot, kelly thought she was going to faint, she was out of sorts, because, she jeff and gav all had either the flu or food poisoning the night before...there were more people at the acropolis than i've ever seen at a tourist was crazy!!! anyway, it was fantastic to see..amazing what those people did so long ago.....then we got back on the bus after russ and i inadvertantly (sp?) took too many frozen lemonades...he took 2 and i took 2...oh well....then, our bus driver drove us around to some other which time his bus broke down! he felt very bad, but, what are you going to do? so we walked back to the hotel, up this long hill....poor kelly.....poor me...poor babies...the others were fine..anyway...after that, i was wiped...had a headache all we went to the pool....that was verrrry cool....and refreshing...and just sort of hung out the rest of the, i guess every trip needs one down day...the sites were great though....we go to santorini tomorrow....hope it 's only us.....


  1. We've had food poisoning on a trip. One of our worst days, but one of our best stories. Hope everyone's better.

  2. Sounds like you are all having a great time. Love the photos.


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