Wednesday, August 19, 2009


yesterday barbara and i drove to berlin from's about a 2 hour drive...most of it is in the former east germany...barbara showed me the old border that still has the old guard's an amazing sight...then we drove to the airport...realized the girls were coming into the other we drove to the hotel, the girls grabbed a taxi...we met up at the adlon hotel...a beautiful hotel right in front of the brandenburg gate...guess it's the hotel that m.j. dangled 'blanket' off the after getting settled, barbara took us to the ka de's the biggest department store in europe...alot like harrods...has everything...barbara even found some ranch dressing...which we all know is impossible to find in europe...after lunch we went shopping and barbara had to start her drive home :( it was so fun to be with her! the girls and i walked around front of our hotel is the berlin games...which are going on this week..they have booths, concerts etc. going on all day...pretty was fun to be with shannon and kerry and hear all about their trip..more later...
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  1. Berlin sounds amazing! Glad you've hooked up with Kerry. Have they had a wonderful time? Love hearing about your travels.


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