Sunday, August 16, 2009

guten abend

i had my first full day here...but first a funny story....last night i was so tired after flying..i was trying to stay awake and finally went to bed about 9 pm...which if any of you know me...that's soooo early...anyway...before going to bed i had asked for a 7 am wake up call...i woke up and looked at my said 7...i thought..'why didn't the desk call me?'...then i's still so dark..but, figured it just didn't get light for awhile...i was really tired, but knew i had to wake up...well, after sitting there for awhile i was getting up, looked at my watch again and realized it was really 1 am! i had read my watch upside down...i was really glad i could go back to sleep...glad when it was light in the morning...well, when i did finally get up...i got ready for church...barbara picked me up...she also picks up about 5 other people...we got to church at about 10 after starts at 9:30...i was amazed that everyone was there so early! not like our ward when we all walk in about 10 minutes late! everyone was very friendly...quite a few english speakers...barbara had one of the sister missionaries translate for me...that was nice...only problem air conditioning, they don't seem to think they need it here...let me tell you...they do! it was soooo hot...a couple hours after church bernd picked me up and we went to there house for dinner...the sister missionaries were was very to see where they live...barbara and i went to see her sister race in a rowing was over at the auto strade...where vw has built this huge museum, amusement area, park etc...a really nice was fun to watch...then she showed me different areas of's a really pretty city, it doesn't seem like a big city because there is so much countryside that was the day today...more later....
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  1. Tell the Suckows hi from the Cahoons! Busy gal you are Joyln. Have fun!

  2. Oh, excellent--say hi from the Whitesells, too!

    AND--that we read about Berndt in the Ensign last month, the cool story how he encouraged the reluctant boy to go home teaching with him, and helped him have a better attitude about home teaching. The Suckows are famous--:)

  3. Heute sprechen wir nur deutsch. Ich spreche nur ein kleines bischen aber ich verstehe alles. Ich liebe alles auf deutsch.

  4. thanks for the comments...especially the german the i speak only geman...i speak little german, but i love all geman? or something to that effect? compliments of my german translator...

  5. Translation: Today we're speaking only German. I can only speak a little bit, but I understand everything. I like everything that's said in German.

    Dee and I have German speaking days. He says, "Today we're speaking only German." I think it's his version of, "Hey kids, today we're having a quiet contest."


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