Wednesday, August 19, 2009

day in berlin

today we got up pretty late...then we walked over to the jewish holocaust's alot of squares called stelae that look sort of like a coffin shape...they are all different heights...pretty amazing looking...then we walked over to the brandenburg was behind the wall in east germany and the east germans changed the sculpure to be facing east instead of west...we took a bus tour around the city, saw parts of the old wall...check point charlie, where i actually got to go through about 33 years ago during my first trip to europe...back then it was still east is a beautiful much history..pretty amazing...after our tour we walked back and went through the museum...pretty sobering to read about all the people that died...they had letters written to sad to think of those people and the terrible things that happened to's a gorgeous blue sky today...we are so lucky to be here in this fantastic city...
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  1. If you can, go to the museum right next to Checkpoint Charlie. The stories about how people tried to escape East Germany are amazing. It sounds so fun!

  2. Dear Jolyn,

    By chance I found your blog some time ago and I tried to contact you but it didn’t work.
    And now I am reading that you are in Europe and this is my next try.

    You remember me, we visited you 20 years ago and I still have wonderful memories at that time. Now you are so close to us, if there is any possibility come to Slovenia, Ljubljana, we would be really honoured to host you and your girls.

    Please reply if this message will reach you!
    All the best,
    Nena Tomovic

  3. nena, of course i remember you...i often wonder how you email is
    we are in hungary until sunday 23...don't know where you are from there...are you close? or what about salzburg? we are going there also...loved hearing from you...jolyn

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