Monday, August 24, 2009

discovering prague

today we were on our own for a day of discovery...we walked over to the old town...looking for shops and the main square there was a jewish folk honor of gollem...sort of a creepy looking guy they have stories about...we saw these rolls that reminded me of the sticks wayne gave us a few years ago...they were delicious...then, we went off down all the different streets...we went into the jewish quarter..went to the oldest synagogue...inside there are thousands of names of families killed in the concentration sobering...then, we saw pictures drawn by little children that were in the camps...really heartbreaking...we then went into the cemetary...alot of headstones! unreal...the jews had to live in this area for more than a 100 years, so they only had a little space for the cemetary, that's why they are buried on top of each other....we then walked to the new's really not that new...maybe built in the 1700's....shopped around...caught a tram which was free since we didn't know where to pay....we were going to the charles bridge, went over the other bridge and then got off and walked back...on the way we saw these odd statues of people with really weird faces....the charles bridge is a romantic bridge...unless you're with 2 girls and you're the mother....and if they weren't reconstructing, it was nice but not the experience everyone tells you about...we finished off the day at the hotel restaurant which is supposed to be the finest in the city...very nice, we felt like we were the judges on top chef...everything was a little different...a fun more adventures tomorrow....
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