Monday, August 17, 2009

vw town

today barbara and i went to the autostrade once again for the vw plant tour...we got on a little bus and we got to into the plant, unfortunately no pictures were was really interesting to see how they make a car...pretty amazing with all the robots takes 25 hours to make one car...start to finish...afterward we went into the building where they deliver cars to people that have bought get to watch the new cars come down a glass ramp....then they give it to whoever bought it...pretty fun...we went on a little boat ride up the canal..the canal goes all the way to russia...after the factory tour we went to the mall for a bit...then to the grocery to see all the different products...then we went to wolfsburg castle...and had dinner at a little german restaurant...very fun's just fun to be with barbara...
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  1. sounds like you're having a great time!

  2. how cool! im so jealous if your amazing trip!

  3. You look so natural in front of those knights at the castle. I think you should re-do your front door!


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