Friday, August 21, 2009

buda and pest

i might have mentioned that budapest is actually 2 cities on the danube we went on a tour of it...beautiful! we saw all of the 'hot spots'...the castle hill, the parliment, the synagogue, american embassy, we went to their biggest market which is huge and has tons of foods, goods, restaurants...we saw the small little cars that they used to wait 7 years for...after paying for the whole thing...and of course, you couldn't pick the color! we rode the funicular, saw the beautiful cathedral, the tiles on the roofs are so pretty...alot of the buildings have still not been fixed since the occupation by russia, and before that ww2...amazing to still see buildings that have bullet holes in has had alot of people fighting over it for a 1000 years...they were part of the Austria-Hungarian empire...and because of that, ended up on the wrong side during both ww wars...because of that, they lost alot of their borders, so the country is not as big as it once the end of the day we went to a fun folk art show...they had people showing how the old crafts were made...very fun to see everyone dressed up in their great outfits...what a fun day!
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  1. Looks so much fun!!!!! glad that you are guys are enjoying the trip when are you coming to utah though i miss you


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