Thursday, August 20, 2009


we're in budapest, hungary! we flew out of berlin early this morning..i had an interesting thing happen...i had an allergic reaction to something i least i think that's what it was...i'm allergic to hazlenuts which is in everything over here...and i'm wondering if that what it was...on the way to the airport, i started getting all tingly, then my skin broke out in a splotchy rash...i looked like i'd been sunburned really bad...i was was weird...i took a benadryl...then, after about an hour it went away...but, have been feeling sort of bad all day...kerry also hasn't been feeling so a result, we're taking it sort of we got to the hotel...very pretty, on the danube river.we are on the pest is really 2 cities connected by the river....we walked around a's really hot's st. stephens day...a big holiday...we saw a jet show....lots and lots of people...tomorrow we'll see the more later...
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  1. looks like fun jo! can't wait to hear all about the adventure


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