Friday, August 28, 2009

the hills are alive....

here we are in beautiful we took the 'sound of music' tour...what a fun way to see the city...we saw all the spots where they made the movie...we saw where they filmed the front of the villa, the back of the villa and lake, the gazebo, the church where they got's really fun to see all these places...we drove up to the lake country where the church is that they got married...our tour guide was a pretty funny guy that acted out scenes of the movie for us...then we listened to the soundtrack...pretty fun...the city of salzburg is so's got such fantastic buildings...after our tour we shopped around..found some fun stores, had was a great day...the hotel we're staying at is called the sacher hotel and serves the famous sacher torte chocolate cake...a tasty way to end the afternoon...
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  1. The Sound of Music tour would be my first thing Id want to do in Europe. How fun! One day.

  2. My dream place. I love it! I'm so glad you've had a great trip!

  3. What a fun tour: Sound of Music sites! As usual, your photos are grand. How nice that you have photogenic travel partners who are willing to strike a pose--! :)


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