Wednesday, August 26, 2009

ljubljana, slovenia

today we took a side was an adventure added into the trip while we were here...we are in ljubljana, slovenia...since i've been gone, i was contacted by an old friend of mine...her husband played tennis with mine on the university of utah tennis team...they came to visit us in the states back in 1988...we haven't seen each other since...she asked if we would like to come visit them and we decided that we would...slovenia is a gorgeous's small, surrounded by alps...has lots of forests etc...we were told that you can drive to the mountains or the sea in 1 1/2 tomorrow we're going to the sea...slovenia is part of what used to be was broken up in 1991...that's when croatia, bosnia, serbia etc were all formed...we were picked up at the airport and taken to our hotel...very nice place...then we went to their house where we had a delicious lunch....after lunch we went to see the's a very pretty city...the first stop was the mormon church...the building was built just about a year ago...we chatted with some to we went into the city and saw all the beautiful buildings...the castle...later this evening all had dessert at a little cafe...a really nice day...
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  1. What a small world--VERY cool that you got to have lunch with your friends. And your photos are the BEST--keep posting them! :)


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