Sunday, August 23, 2009

what a beautiful city!

we got up early this morning and drove through the rain to the airport...where we got on a pretty tiny little plane...i had thought of joking and saying' that's our plane', and then it really was...kerry's face was was a prop type, luckily we checked in early, because it was supposed to leave at 8:55 am, but, we really left at 8:35, we got to is really gorgeous..i really think it's so beautiful...all the buildings are interesting and just really's an easy city to walk around also..we found that out when we took a tour this afternoon...we went with a tour guide...she had sooooooooo much'd almost fall asleep and then when you came too, she was on the same story...but, she was just doing her job...the girls were a few paces behind, missing most of it...we saw some fantastic sights though...the astronomical tells the month, horoscope sign etc...we saw the best preserved Jewish area in europe...the castle, changing of the guards...shannon saw a lady washing her teeth in the sink in the bathroom...we saw the oldest synagogue, we saw a statue to kafka, we had hot chocolate that tasted like a melted chocolate bar, the jewish graveyard where the people are buried at least 12 on top of each other, the square where the communist revolution started...and a lot of beautiful scenery...i'll tell you, i was exhausted after 4 we came back to the hotel and immediately all fell, tomorrow, more of this beautiful city...


  1. This is better than the travel channel! Thanks for keeping us all updated and letting me travel along with you. Your pics are fantastic.

  2. It sounds like you're having a wonderful trip. We went to Sun Valley for the weekend so I'm just catching up.


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