Tuesday, June 12, 2007

good friends

this week is becoming a hard week...kerry's graduating...leaving...then one of my best friends sold their house and are moving...i just think what will i do? but, then...a really sweet couple in our ward, the daltons, dropped by with a gift for kerry...they have always been kerry's friend (and mine) jean works in the library at church and kerry and ashley used to ditch sunday school to go help her out...she was always so nice to them and they formed a very special friendship...i so appreciate that friendship...it's wonderful to know that wherever you go, people love and care about you and your family...so even though my kids are leaving, my friends are leaving...i know that there are many more out there that care about us...it's a great feeling...


  1. Aren't the Daltons the best? They sent us a care package a few months ago with the funnest stuff! Oh yah, the Kerry and Ashley ditching SS days. Lets turn back time ok Jolyn? 123 go!

  2. Hey! You could take up residence in your vacation house, and vacation in your house!


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