Wednesday, June 27, 2007

to my darling daughter

young kel at easter

kelly in tall flags...8th grade

kelly and tom

beautiful bride
mba graduate from pepperdine

happy, happy birthday dear are the person that made me a helped me grow up, you got dad and me on the right track, meaning...he got a thank you so much..,and you did it before you were even a month old! amazing things, kel, you've been with me through all my ups and downs and hopefully, we've had fun...i've had fun with you...because you were the oldest, everything was new and very have been on the go since you learned to crawl at 6 months and walk at have never stopped...when you go for go hard...none of this mamby pamby go for the gusto....i'm always so proud of you...whether its you being a tall flag girl, an officer in asb, a tennis player, a graduate student, a wife or have always done your are such a hard worker, you are so creative and talented...i just have a great admiration for are my hero and i look up to you, you're fun to be with..and you're darling to look it's a win win, happy happy birthday...i love


  1. what a nice tribute. i love the way you say, 'she's darling to look at'.. your girls do have the brains and the beauty. must have come from mama jo!

  2. You must be so proud of her! I have enjoyed getting to know her through her blog.

  3. Happy birthday to a real cutie pie...she definitely takes after her momma!


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