Saturday, June 30, 2007

wedding trip

friday harbor, san juan island

buchart gardens..the sunken garden

buchart gardens..the rose garden

we are on a fun little weekend trip...went to seattle on thurs morning...6 am flight!!! way too early...we came up for adam pollock's wedding..his fiancee, ashley is from anacortes,, thurs..we drove around seattle a bit..saw the space needle...went to pike's market place, then drove up to anacortes..about 2's on findalgo island..although, you just drive to it...stayed at a really nice little hotel, the majestic inn...that night was a dinner for the couple...nice time...soooo tired...went to bed, in the morning of friday we drove down to the seatlle temple, about 1 1/2 hours...the wedding was nice...started pouring..went to lunch after with mollers, hannemanns and other boys...that night was the reception, it was at the hotle..very nice, but raining, so it had to be inside...too bad...they were very, this morning, we...pollocks, kelly and jeff, mollers, hannemanns and roarks went over to san juan friday harbor...very little island...drove around a bit...the our family caught the ferry to sidney, vancouver island...we are staying here for a few days...went to buchart are at our hotel...the's lovely...gorgeous's been a fun little trip...


  1. What a fun place to visit! When we had reason to visit Seattle we loved exploring. It's beautiful.

  2. Happy Canada Day Jolyn and the rest of you! Sang, "Oh Canada" in church today but it was NOT the same as singing the Star Spangled Banner. Have a great time you guys!


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