Monday, June 4, 2007

new look

a few of my favorite beach scenes

kate and kerry
russie, kerry, and shannon
seek, rand, russ, and max
jeff and gav
well, i've redecorated...i was told that i could add pictures,i've been playing at this...anyway, i always like to redo things...i figured that i like to go, so i'd show one of my favorite places...the beach...preferably with me laying on it, with a book and a coke in hand...ahhhh bliss....


  1. I love your new look! Oh, I want to go to Hawaii too!!!!! Next time!

  2. I love your facelift - looks great! And the beach fitting for this time of year (as soon as May Gray leaves, of course). Do you get that up by you?

  3. looks good. i wish i was there. love the pics.

  4. cute new 'face lift'. beautiful photos. love those thick braids on miss kerry. wish i had some too.

  5. I love the beach...I want to lay there with you and all those cute girls...(I also want to look like those cute girls) but I'll settle for the sand and sun

  6. Very cute blog. Are they out in Laie? We don't live out there since going to school. That's great that you get to come visit often.

  7. Hello there,
    I noticed that in your pictures there is Seek Hannemann [We went to Sequoia Middle School]. I used to know him in junior high in California and i have been trying to contact him for a long time now... and i was wondering is there anyway you could help me reach him? It would be soo much help, you've no idea!
    Please email me if you could

    Thank you!


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