Wednesday, June 13, 2007

happy birthday's flag day!!

mom and dad
marty, tom, mom, me and polly---her favs
tomorrow is my mom's birthday and everyone will always remember it because it is flag day...she always said that everyone flew the flag in her, i'm flying my flag and talking about her in her honor...her name was june for the month that she was mom was a beautiful lady...and i really mean it...even as she grew older she was beautiful....and she was a real lady...she had beautiful manners and always did things just right...she always dressed with such cute style...she had a huge was really, she was very talented...she was an excellent seamstress and loved to make dresses was calming to her...something that i didn't get...she loved fabric...loved the feel of them...the textures and colors...she had great decorating style, her homes were always so beautiful, but comfortable...she was good at crafts and had lots of different hobbies...but she also played golf with my dad...they had alot of fun together...after she died we realized that she was the glue that held my dad together...he was so lost without her...she loved to give parties and get together with friends...and best of all, she was a great mom....she was strict and i have to say i was afraid of her while i was young.but, i have to say, i usually did what she told me to do...but, after i was married, she was my best friend...she was always there for me and it didn't matter how far away i lived...i knew she was there...i think i talked to her almost every day...i have to say that after she died,that was the hardest thing...i would think...i'll have to tell mom that, and then to realize i couldn', now i just talk to her...just in my mind, you know...she taught me many things throughout my to cook, clean, iron, have fun, be a good mom..but i know the most important for me, is the knowledge that she loved me so much, she always encouraged me, she let me know that i could do it...that everything would turn out..she gave a great feeling of accomplishment in everything i, i'm proud to be her daughter...i hope she's proud of me....


  1. These photos are so cute! I don't think I've seen them, at least recently to remember them. Thanks for posting them!

  2. of course she is proud of you. we all are.

  3. I loved your mom - she was so classy and graceful. What a great tribute!

  4. Thats a great tribute..i see grama in all of her daughters. Happy Birthday Grama.

  5. I loved the pictures Jo, thanks for posting them..we had a great childhood and wonderful parents..I don't know what we did to get so lucky...everything you said about mom is exactly as I would say it.


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