Wednesday, June 13, 2007

old friends

i heard something very sad this sister called and told me a friend from my youth had's really sad to think of that...he had a pretty rough life due to drugs and makes me so sad because i remember him when we were kids...we were friends all through elementary school...we had a big group..4 or 5 girls, 5 or 6 boys that would play and hang we got older we got crushes..he was one of the cutest boys on the street. we had such fun...we would skate board, play basketball, when we got older the boys all had little motorcycles, we would run the streets in the summer, playing kick the was such a care free life and so much the winter a neighbor would hook this huge long board to his truck, sort of like a sled and pull us around the streets before they were church the boys all played basketball or softball and we would have these great hot scone was so much we have to remember the good times and hope that now he can really rest in peace...

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  1. I am sorry about this...
    I don't know whether this is alright to ask... but
    I noticed last nite and left a comment by the the june 4th blog, that in one of the pictures i my friend Seth Hannemann. We used to be friends i junior high and i have been trying to find a way to cntact him and talk to him. Do you know of any way that i could? Maybe email or number?
    We haven't talked for few years now and i just wanted to rebuild the friendship. Plus i am alost going to Hawaii in week and half and maybe one way i could see him or something!
    If you could comment back... or email me at
    that would be sooo Great!
    Thank you
    -Anastasia Stallcop


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