Saturday, June 16, 2007


russ, jacob and carissa pollock, adam pollock, kelly and owen at graduation
kerry, nick moller and ashley pollock
heidi gibbs, julia pace, kerry and kimmy dane
kerry, jason anderson and ashley
graduation was last was a great time...everyone loves to listen to the great speeches etc..the kids were very happy and in great spirits...afterwards, we had a big party with all of kerry's friends and turned out really nice...we had people here until about 1..the moller's, cooley's...allison took charge...pollocks, andersons and the kids was alot of until the grandchildren graduate...that's it!!! except for college of course....


  1. congrats to the grad! I can't believe she's all grown! So pretty too. She looks a lot like you!

  2. it looks like you all had a great time. The graduates look happy for sure. thanks for posting so many pics.....

  3. Those are cute pictures..I'm thrilled she made it.


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