Sunday, June 24, 2007

my big handsome hunk

adam, randy,shem and andrea and russ
cute bug with his favorite, mickey mouse
russ and tom
russ and willie
high school graduation


tomorrow or in about 5 is russell's 22! can't believe he's that old...22 years ago he was 2 weeks late and i was crazy...kelly was 7, willie was 5 and we hadn't had a baby for a long long we were ready...finally they decided to start me....the doctors had assured me that russ would probably be smaller than willie who was 8lbs. 14, as tom sat working, eating butterfingers !!! i delivered my bouncing baby that weighed in at 10 lbs 4 oz....just a touch bigger than willie! he was always so big and squishy..russ was named for his great grandfather russell, and his uncle russell...his middle name is bagley, for my side of the family...we have always called him bug, because when he was little he bugged the kids alot....but,.he loved his older brother and sister from the start...always followed willie...and sweet willie would give him whatever he asked russ grew, he started playing tennis...he took to tennis...played alot of tournaments as he grew..he was ranked #4 in the 12-14's...then he had to take a break because the tennis caused a problem in his back, turned out it was a he didn't play for awhile...when your child says, mom my back hurts...don't wait for 8 months to go to the doctor! russ got pretty quiet when tom died...they were very close..luckily he had some great friends...they were so close...pretty he got older...he grew and grew and grew...he's a handsome hunk at about 6'3"...and since we always had him have a buzz...he now has hair to wave in the wind...he stills plays tennis...loves to snowboard...bikes, loves to work has always been pretty quiet but has a very quick wit..he is very sweet and out for kerry...he's a great brother...he is so cute with his nephews and can tell how sweet he is, by how he treats them...he works hard in school...russ is a wonderful son to me..i'm not saying he's perfect...he can be stubborn and he has tom's gift of winning every argument with me...but, i know he loves me...i'm very proud of what he's he's turned out as an adult...he's fun to be with and i love him soooo much..i'm so lucky and blessed to have him as my, happy birthday to my baby you....


  1. Ten pounds??? Happy Birthday to the big guy!

  2. he is so handsome...I think he looks a lot like Tom...hope he has a great celebration!

  3. Happy Birthday Russell!! Is Brad the youngest of the group? August 4, he will be 22....THAT I cannot believe!


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